You are more precious than both Heaven and Earth, You know not your own worth, Sell not yourself at little price, Being so Precious in Gods eyes. RUMI


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God Said through the Holy Prophet, "Man is my secret and I am his secret. The inner knowledge of the spiritual essense is a secret of my secrets. Only I put this into the Heart of my good servant,and none may know his state other than Me",

Abdul Qadir al-Gilani


The breath that does not repeat the name of God is a wasted breath.


Whoever Travels without a guide needs two-hundred years for a two day journey



The following prayer was taught by the Holy Prophet to his companions: "O God, Grant me love of You, and to love those who love you, and to love whatever brings me nearer to you. O God, Make your love more precious to me than cool water to the thirsty."

Al Ghazzali