Sufi teachings reach as far and wide as the world that Allah has created for us. There are many different Sufi Orders around the world, Each with their own wonderful methods of teaching the art of inner human perfection and all being as equally as important as each other. The links below give you an insight into what sufism is about, why it is important and what is Sufisms real context in terms of classical Islamic tradition. Many Sufis will say that the actual term Sufism came about over time given the differences in opinion amoung various groups of people to distinguish certain practices in Islam. In truth Sufism has been "the" reality without a name and its basis began from the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

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What is Sufism?

Why Sufism?

The Sufi Master and Student


Quran and Hadith (Coming Soon)

Great Sufi Masters (Coming Soon)

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