Why Sufism?

Everything in nature, by its very nature, has a core, a glowing core that serves it purpose whether it's a living cell with its nucleus or our very planet sustaining the outer crust. The very core that nature has introduced so mindfully serves a great purpose, a system of sustenance that nourishes and nurtures its environment and ultimate dependant. Us Human beings have a core but this core isn't necessarily physical, it is a spiritual core or life force that connects with us in such a wonderful and profound way so as to control, sustain develop and nurture our every physical aspect.

Sufis believe this very core inside us is the key to the entire universe and beyond. It is the inner light with in all humans that awaits patiently to be recognised. Who are you? Why are you here and what is your purpose on this earth? Well your purpose is to recognise what your core is inside you! How it will speak with you how the mirror of the divine is forever reflected inside you it is up to you to unearth its treasure.

Allah SWT states that His presence cannot fit in the entire heavens and the earth but his home exists in the heart of a believer. Sufis believe that this core is connected to us so much so that it itself is sustained by Allah SWT and to recognise and awaken your inner is to recognise Allahs existence.

Sufis shroud themselves in Allahs remembrance (Dzikr) constantly saying his name "LailahaIlAllah" there is no God, Only Allah, then the heart begins to open up the smog and grime that cloud the heart, the spiritual core, is released over time to present that real sustainer of your spirit, Allah SWT himself.

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