The Sufi Master and Student

Silence fills the room as the student sits patiently and respectfully, gazing upon his Sufi Master, Waiting for the next divine utterance, waiting patiently for his beloved to speak.
The Sufi Master utters words of wisdom giving lessons to his student to grow ever closer to Allah SWT to recognise his divine presence inside the heart, but this process is slow and at times painful and only the steadfast can reach such lofty stations after years of work, with no expectation and no anticipation other than wanting to sit in the presence of their Sufi Master, for as the students objective is certainly to reach Allah SWT, his concentration and direction is focused onto his Sufi Master. It is the Sufi Master who holds the key to the students' ultimate development and enlightenment.

Love knows no bounds between a The Sufi Master and his Student, love is in abundance and the Beloved (Mashooq) and Lover (Ashiq) converse in silence. The Sufi Master guides his student through the spiritual desert, His student is unable to navigate the pitfalls presented by his lower self (EGO) (Nafs). This journey without a guide is impossible; one would not even consider negotiating a desert with out a guide, so why should one should be expected to travel through the spiritual awakening without the hand of his Master for guidance. The Sufi Master skilfully and patiently guides his student to recognise his inner reality to recognise the secret of secrets, to recognise Allah SWT as He so wants us to. The longing and love for your Sufi Master and the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is the very factor that provides the foundation for a student to truly prosper.

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