The best prescription any Sufi Master can give his student is the practice of Dzikr (Remembrance of Allah). Dzikr comes in many forms and is taught In many different styles by the different Sufi orders throughout the world, however its purpose is one and the same and that is to awaken ones mind body and spirit to joyfully remember Allah SWT in every breath , in every movement and every dimension.

Dzikr invigorates the heart removes the dark hardened of stains to present the most beautiful of visions. The Dizkr prescribed by the Sufi Master will vary based on intensity and power. Dzikr is the vehicle in which you travel to the essence (Zaadth) of Allah SWT and the Sufi Master the guider. The Sufi Master coaxes a beautiful rose to grow out of baron land, to look after it and make sure no harm comes to it. The Sufi Master makes it his mission to spread the message conveyed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW by means of love, devotion and sincerity so that students may attain that which was taught and bestowed on him so lovingly by His Sufi Master.

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