What is Sufism?

From the radiance of the sun flower obediently following the sun, to the honey bee collecting pollen in its own personal pursuit to make honey, even human beings who endlessly endeavour to gain purpose whether striving to earn a living working long hours or endlessly pursuing a life of decadence to gain some sort of solace, everything on this minute planet is busy in pursuit of some end.

The question may arise what is the real meaning of what we actually strive for in our lives? Ultimately does not everything on this planet strive for the same thing? Could it be that we all subconsciously aim to posses Peace and Knowledge whether it's someone striving for that perfect career to provide for their family or a person unconscious from an intoxicating substance? What we desire, what we seek is inside us all, It has always been inside us.

Sufism is the practice that allows us to recognise our purpose in life, realise our reality and concentrate and awaken inside us that which has created us and has allowed us to be here now, in this life. Sufis are those who spend their life awakening their inner spirit to call Allah's name and to be one with Him as He intended us to.

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