Sufism is the pursuit of opening the inner by way of guidance from a Master who has himself achieved this goal. It promotes values that control the lower self (Nafs or EGO) in an attempt to awaken spiritual sense and awareness.

It makes a good person an exceptional person a perfect person a Saint who finally realises his destiny in this life is to acknowledge the existence of Allah through his Messenger The Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon him.

The Sufi Master takes his teachings and passes them onto his Students who in turn learn and teach others. Sufism is the beating heart if Islam, the foundation of Islam that compliments the outward teachings of Islam. The traditional Islamic teachings of Jurisprudence (Islamic Law) are very much apart of Sufism and as many great Masters have expressed one cannot exist without the other. The Inner awakening of ones Spirituality must hold with it the understanding and practice of the outer Islamic laws. Sufism is merely the foundation of what makes a Muslim realise who he is, and why he is on this earth. The awakening of ones inner is the greatest thing Allah can present as a divine gift to man. Everyone is equal and everyone is as precious as the next person to Allah.

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