Apart from these two great sufis he also benefacted from many other "Musha'ikhs"(Sufis) of that certain age. For many days he spent his time with "Abdals" (a categary of saints) in the island of 'Abbadan' (Persian Gulf). He also had the opportunity to acompany" Khidr". (a Prophet or saint immortalized by the fountain of life). He performed the "Hajj"(pilgrimage) on a number of occasions. And in 628/1231 he performed his last "Hajj", while in Mecca (the holy place of Muslims, situated in Saudi Arabia, where they perform Hajj) he met the great Egyptian poet and Sufi " Shaykh Abu Hafs Umar bin ali known as Ibn al-Farid.D.632/1235. On that occasion the two sons of Ibn al-Farid "Shaykh Kamal al-Din Muhammad & Shaykh Abd al-Rehman", with the permission of their father, took "Bay'a" (oath of allegiance) and wore "Khirqa" (patched frock, sign of a dervish) from Shaykh al-Shayyukh.

After the sad demise of his uncle in 563/1165, he became his successor in his uncle's "khanaqah"(Sufi center). He established three more "Ribats"(religous hostel) (1)Ribat-e-Nasri, (2)Ribat-e-Bistami, (3) Ribat-e-Mamoonia, for the students.

His Bounty spread all over the world, due to his wide spread popularity, people across the globe came to benefit from his kind-self. A good story is told of the practical wisdom which lay underneath his spirituality light, a Sufi wrote to him, "I gave up working, I find my self inclined to a life of idleness, where as if I work I am overcome with pride: which had I better do? "He replied briefly and to the point " work and ask God's forgiveness for your pride". He spent most of his life in Baghdad were he enjoyed the favour of then caliph al-nasir: He was appointed "Shayakh al-Shayyukh" (master of masters) by the caliph. There he received visitors & letters from all parts of the Muslim world.

On many occasions he became the ambassador of peace between Muslim emperors. He was respected evenly throughout the Muslim world by each and everyone. Ibn-e-Khalikan [608-681H.D.] (The Historian of the time of Shaykh Suharawardi) wrote "In his last age no body was able to compete with him". Every day millions presented "Nazranas" (a gift by the wealthy people to their spiritual master) which was distributed among the poor and needy in the evening. He led an absolutely simple life, although millions came into his hand. Even when he died, there were no sufficient funds for his funeral.

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