Shaykh Shams al-Din Safi Sherazi (sheraz-Iran), Shaykh sayyid Muhammad Shujah Mashadi (Mashhad-Iran), Shaykh shah Sharf al-Din Mehmood Bin Husain Tustri (shoukara-Iran). Shaykh Muhammad Yemni (yeman), Shaykh Ahmed of Damascus(Damascus-Syria), Shaykh Najam al-Din al-taflissi(baghdad-Iraq), Shaykh sayyid Muhammad Baghdadi (Baghdad-Iraq), Shaykh Rasheed al-Din Abu abd Allah Muhammad bin Abu al-Qasim Al-Maqri al-Sufi al-Baghdadi (baghdad-Iraq), Shaykh Ahmed al-Faruqi al-Kabuli (Kabul, Afghanistan), Shaykh Izz 'al-Din Abu al-Abass Ahmed Faruqi etc. According to some books, famous Persian Poet Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafiz of Sheraz(D.791-92/1389)(if this date of death is correct then it is not possible) and Shaykh Ahmed Al-alvi Al-Yassvi (D.562/1166)(founder of Yasviyya Sufi order) are also the vicegerents of Shaykh Suhrawardi. Till now through latest research only the names of his three sons have been discovered. One of them is Shaykh Zain al-Din, second is shaykh Imad al-Din Mohammad (D.655/1257), he became his successor after him, he was his companion in his last pilgrimage in 628/1231 and third is Shaykh jamal al-Din.

He wrote several books on different topics in his life. The famous German Orientalist Brockelmann in his book "Geschichte der arabischen literature" tells us about the 21 books written by the Shaykh. One of them is "Awa'rif al-Ma'arif" (Bounties of divine knowledge) which for centuries has been very popular amongst the Sufi's. And taught it to their disciples. It was written in Mecca, Shaykh narrates that whenever he faced any difficulty in writing, he turned towards Allah, had "Tawaf" (circumambulation around the Ka'ba) of the "Bait Ullah". The book is written in Arabic, and in every period it was translated in different languages. Famous Suharawardi Sufi Shaykh Sayyid Jalal al-Din Hussain bin Ahmad Kabir known as Makhdum-i-Jahaniyan Jahan gusht (D.785/1384) spoke many times about this book "if somebody does not have a "Murshid" (Spiritual Master) and if he reads this book "Awa'rif al-Ma'arif" carefully and abides by it, he will become a perfect Sufi."

According to some books, in his last age he became blind and he passed away in 1st Muharam 632/1234 in Baghdad.The Imam of his Janaza prayer was Hadrat ohd al-Din Hamid bin abu al-Fakher kimani(D.635/1238), and he gave him last Ghussal (bath), clothed him "Ka'fan (shroud)" also according to some books Hadrat kirmani also benificted from Hadrat suhrawardi and vicegerent of Hadrat suhrawardi in suhrawardi sufi order.

He is burried in the grave yard of "Vardia". His shrine is situated near Bab-e-Wustani. This tomb is one of the oldest in Vardia and is surrounded by graves. In 1273/1856 Ismael Pasha, Governer of Shehroze modernized the tomb and decorated it. In 1320/1902 some parts of the tomb which were damaged were renovated. On his grave there stands a tomb build by the "Salguuk" style of construction.

Note: It is to be noted that there are two different personalities by the names of Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi. One of them is he who is described above and is the founder of the "Surawardi Sufi Taraqah" and the other one named Shaykh Shihab al-Din Abu 'al-Futuh Ahmad (Or Yahya) Ibn Habaish (or Ya'ish) Ibn Amirak called al-Maqtul (D,578/1191). Also called Shaykh Al-Ishraq. He was one of the greatest master and presenter of the philosophy of "Illumination". According to Some books he (Shaykh Suhrawardi Maqtul) was the nephew of the great Shaykh Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi, but it is doubted that this is correct.

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