He had love and affection for Sufis of other "Tariqahs" (Sufi orders) and was well respected by those Sufis as well, like Hadrat Mu'in al-Din Hasan Sijzi Chishti [D.633/1235] (the founder of Chishti Sufi order in the subcontinent), Shaykh Abu al-Janab Najm al-Din Ahmed Bin Omar al-Kubra entitled as Shaykh-e-Wali Trash (D.618/1221)[the founder of kubraviyyah, Firdawsiyyah Sufi order], Shaykh Baha al-Din Walad [D.628/1231.(Father of famous Persian Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi) and many others. Hadrat Farid al-Din Masood Gunj-e-kkar[D.664/1265](famous Chishti Sufi of the subcontinent). traveled to Baghdad for Shaykh al-Suhrawardi and lived many days in his khanaqah, and gained sacred fortunes through his personality.

Imam Yafi'i (D.678/1367) has written in his book that Ibn 'Arabi (D.638/1240) accidentally met with Shaykh al-Suharwardi, they had eye contact with each other and separated with out uttering a single word. Later somebody enquired about Skaykh Suhrawardi from Ibn 'Arabi, awswering he said "he (Shaykh Surawardi) is a person who, from top to toe is filled with SUNNA (traditions, customs) of the Holy Prophet". And, when Shaykh Suhrawardi was asked about his opinion of Ibn 'Arabi, he replied, " He is an ocean of realities". In "Risala Iqbaia" it is stated that people asked Shaykh Sa'd al-Din Hamuya (D.650/1252), how he describes Ibn 'Arabi in his words, at this his answer was that " He can be compared with a stormy ocean with who's area is infinite". Then again was asked about Shaykh Suhrawardi, he replied,"The noor (light) of Prophets Following on his forehead is in such a manner which is quite a different thing".

Due to his motivation many great mystics merged on the scene. Sufi's from all over the world flocked to his Khanaqah to obtain initiation from him. He sent his vicegerents to all parts of the world.In "Akhbar al-Akhiyar-Fi-Asrar al-Ibrar" it happenes to be Shaykh Suhrawardi's statement that 'In the subcontinent I have many vicegerents'. According to my latest research he sent approximately 20 vicegerents in the subcontinent. Some of his renowned vicegerents in the Subcontinent are "Sheykh al-Islam Sayyid Nur al-Din Mubarak bin Abd 'allah bin Sharf al-Hussaini al-Ghaznavi, entitled as Mir-e-Dehli (D.632/1234) who was shaykh al-Islam of Dehli in the period of Sultan al-Tutmish(D.633/1236), Shaykh al-Islam Baha al-Din Abu Mohammad Zakaria Multani (D.661/1262), Shaykh Qadi Hamid al-Din Muhammad Bin Atta Al-Faruqi Nagauri(D.643/1274), Shaykh Jalal al-Din Muhammad Tabrazi(D.642/1244), Shaykh Nuh Bhakari sindhi,Shaykh sayyid Ahmad known as Sultan Sakhi Sarwar(D.577/1181),Shaykh Dia al-D in Rumi(D.721/1323), shaykh Majd al-Din Muhammad Haji Jajermi(D.623/1226), Shams al-Aarfeen Shah Turkaman Bia'bani Dehlvi,Shaykh sayyid Qadi Shihab al-Din bin Muhammad al-Hussaini known as "Jagjote"(nur.e.alam, light of world,D.666/1267-68, he is the maternal grand father of shaykh Sharf al-Din Ahmed bin yahya Munyari.D.872/1380 ), Shaykh sayyid mo'iz al-Din sandailvi "Abdal",Shaykh Mir sayyid Ila al-Din jawarri, Shaykh Sharaf al-Din Iraqi, Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim Ansari, Shaykh Ahmad Bin Zain Multani, Shaykh Sulaman Bin Abd 'allah Al-abasi Al-Hashmi etc. He also sent his vicegerents in other parts of the world. Few of his vicegerents are: The famous persian poet Shaykh Muslihuddin Sa'di of Shiraz (D.691/1292)(sheraz-Iran), Shaykh Najib al-Din Ali Bin Buzghush Sherazi(D.678/1279)(sheraz-Iran)

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